The Twenties

I moved states, sold a home, found truth, and somehow survived. I cried and laughed, hurt very dear people, made life-altering friendships, crashed a wedding, and made some ridiculous videos. I baked and ran and and did cartwheels. I skyped, scrapbooked, and sang. Just kidding, didn’t scrapbook. And I learned, oh how I learned, that I know very little and people are still very kind.

This year I decided on California–I have a zip code to prove it. I became more me and less everything else. I signed up for my first half marathon. I bought the most incredible bath towels. I didn’t kill any plants. And I decided dresses are my favorite.

And there is more.
You know there is more.
But what really blows my mind is that it’s’ May.
It’s only flippin’ May and I’m still here.

I’m not here because of me. I’m here because some incredible people sent hugs and prayers and love during the year of big transition. Some were with me almost daily (hi, roommate) and others checked in through my inbox and voicemail. These people, you people, help me–help me heal, survive, and be.

So, before I forget, it’s time for a list. It’s time for a list of things I’ve learned, am learning, will learn, maybe?┬áIt’s a list of things my twenties are teaching me, a list of things this year is teaching me.

-no matter how much you think you know, there’s plenty you don’t

-forgive others, and don’t forget yourself

-pain will find you, but so will joy

-you don’t need a passport for an adventure

-everyone has a story, do not think yours is more important, you’ll be wrong

-use swear words only after you’ve learned to speak your own language well

-you always have permission to be safe

-just because someone is a stranger does not mean they can’t one day be a friend

-change is the privilege to be different than yesterday

-if you want to listen to a song 29 times on repeat, do it (just know it will annoy the hell out of people)

-take lessons–any kind. it’ll feel like you’re accomplishing something because you are.

-good food is worth it–the money and the calories

-awkward moments make great stories

-compliments are a gift another is trying to give, accept them

-whatever you are, be a good one

-just because it is someone else’s dream does not make it yours

-you’ll become better at the things you practice, including friendship

-dispute or pay parking tickets and realize you earned them all by yourself

-you won’t rember the price of the plane ticket but you’ll remember the number of layovers

-spontaneity makes for a better life and dependability makes for a better job; find the balance

-feel the fear; do it anyway

-write because you want to, not out of obligation, but either way, write

-don’t waste time feeling guilty about not reading, it doesn’t help

-say I love you, please, and thank you


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