How Online Friending Leads to Wedding Crashing

I attended a wedding this weekend as a guest of the groom’s family–the groom’s family that I met for the first time when I showed up in their driveway an hour before the ceremony. It was cool though. Really. I brought a dress.



Shay introduced me as her friend and then proceeded to inform her family that this was actually the first time we’d met in person. I know what you’re thinking, it’s so awesome that I’m not a psycho, right? I bet they were thinking the same thing.

“You met through blogging?”


Blogging: it’s like online dating for friends. And it’s about as awkward trying to explain it to people.

But you know what?
It was epic.
It was epic because it was normal.
Because sometimes normal is finally meeting someone in the flesh who knows you pretty damn well.

These things are supposed to happen eventually. I read that somewhere…probably on a blog.


We laughed, and ate, and kinda-danced. Shay called me colon and I took incriminating photos of her. We regressed to 12-year-olds in a matter of minutes. Yep, totally normal.



By the end of the day, Aunt Lisa was trying to get me to marry into the family while Grandpa was making brunch plans with me for June. Shay’s recap: We’ll just call this the weekend my family liked you more than me.

Point for the colon
(the person, not the intestine).

And that’s how blogland works: you go online, you meet friends, and then you get to crash weddings.

You can quote me on that.

Oh, and I didn’t take any pictures of us together. Obviously. I delegated that to Shay.


And she totally came through.


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