Dear Letters

Dear gluten, I’m giving you up for Lent (although I haven’t eaten you in two years.). But let’s pretend it’s for Lent so I can get a point.

Dear leg, quit running into stuff like your bed and desk and the door jam. These things have not moved. Work it out.

Dear Comic Sans, go away–forever.

Dear California, it’s really cute that you think this is winter.

Dear AT&T, I have an iPhone and I want to know, are you serious?

Dear leap day, it was nice to see you again.

Dear 2012, let’s make it awesome or epic or something magical with rainbows.

Dear YMCA, thanks for letting me become a member on the third try. I knew we could make it happen.

Dear USPS, I love mail. This means you’re loved by association.

Dear self, maybe you should consider a 1/2 marathon. Think about it.

Dear blog, you look different. Have you lost weight?

Yours truly,


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