A Girl Who Writes

She watches you from a distance and smiles even when there is no audience. She searches faces and body language from afar, trying to understand the stories they are telling. Upon meeting you, she will know, like she always does, what type of friend or stranger or hero you will be. So be careful what you reveal, for a girl who writes listens closely to your narrative and remembers the details you show her.

She dreams of Europe, not because of clichés but because her heroes, her writers, once walked the streets and spoke words in the cafés. She revels in their sentences and thumbs through their books wishing to know their stories. She reads with a pen, a pencil, a highlighter, because a good sentence should never be untouched, it should be celebrated, and lived, and underlined–for easy reference.

A girl who writes is the one with moleskines, and journals, packages of post-it’s, and airline napkins in her carry-on. She’s thinking, snatching sentences, jotting down words, refusing to be interrupted when her pen is moving. She’ll spend hours on the floor of a bookstore, stealing words and smelling pages. She’ll apologize for running into your feet while walking with head down, book in hand. She is lost in her thoughts, in her imagination, creating scenes, crafting dialogue. And she won’t realize you’ve been watching her the entire time, wondering what must be so interesting, so troubling, so worthy of her attention. Does she notice the ink stains on her fingertips?

If you watch closely you’ll see her in an airport coffee shop, a shaded park bench, or a crowded parking lot. She’s on her phone, typing, tapping at a keyboard, ignoring its size. She can’t stop. She mustn’t–the feelings, the emotions of now need a place to land. Occasionally she’ll be late for a meeting because something on the radio needed to be penned. She hears words and imagines the way they’ll look on lined paper. She’s never been good at spelling, but it has never stopped her.

A girl who writes lets you lie to her because she realizes that is the story you need to tell yourself now, and that’s okay. She is living her own story and sees the beauty in complicated lives and interwoven arcs. She will be there when your truth is ready. She is waiting, ready, eager, but never pushing for you to be a character that does not fit. Don’t be fooled, however, she knows when you’re not okay. She will ignore it because you’ve asked her to, even though it was not with words.

A girl who writes probably has some quirk, endearing or otherwise, whether it be black-rimmed glasses or illegible penmanship. She knows everyone tries to be normal but the quirks make us interesting, make us human, connect us. She enjoys coffee, tea or both, although a glass of hard cider is always welcome. And a glass of cider on a weeknight after dinner with friends? Simply, perfection.

She will laugh with you, and at you, not to be malicious but because comedies are her favorite–well, comedies and dramas and even tragedies, she can never quite decide.  She sometimes learns lessons the hard way, but longs to share her struggles with the world so they might avoid the same heart ache. She is most critical of her own words, her own writing, her grammar, her syntax and her love for dashes–she seems to overdo the dashes, no?

She will teach you how to breathe, relax, enjoy a Saturday just to watch, to listen, to be. And in time she’ll help you create an adventure abroad or down the street. Everything is part of the story. Even the boring becomes interesting. And the frustrating? It will eventually become hilarious. Because a girl who writes controls her own story. She know her voice and uses it without shame. A girl who writes sees potential and cannot let it rest. Everything is waiting to be discovered, explored, appreciated, loved–including you.

Because a girl who writes knows that even though you may not write, or type, or blog, your life is a beautiful story, one that you alone are crafting.

And a girl who writes loves a good story.

This piece was inspired by
you should date an illiterate girl
which inspired date a girl who reads
which inspired date a girl who writes
which inspired date a girl who blogs
and resulted in me writing a blog post
about knowing a girl without dating her,
marrying her, and having her children.

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