writing prompt #20


I got nothin’ –there’s not a whole lot to say today. Had I brought my camera with me yesterday, I’d have some sweet-ass pictures of wake-surfing on a 60′ yacht and Paul Allen’s suite at the Seattle Sounders game. But I didn’t think ahead, so my epic day is left to words when pictures would Read Post

Mediocre Melodies


Me: I’m trying to listen to cleaner music, so I tried listening to the Christian radio station. Friend: How’s that going for you? Me: I made it through two songs.

best friends forever, or until I reach my max

He and I were recently talking about friends over breakfast (gluten free pancakes and a vegan scramble). I mentioned how I’d like to be a better friend and I’m inspired to be moreĀ intentionalĀ (and kind). “Frankly, I need more friends,” is what I concluded. We talked about Facebook friends and what it would mean to get Read Post